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Kucoin Share (KCS) Coin Benefits

The daily bonus is defined as 50% of exchange fee's are split with KCS coin owners (If $10 is Paid in Fee's then the Coin owners share $5 of the Fee's) You also get a 1% trade discount for every 1,000 KCS Coins you own.

Easy to Use

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What is KuCoin.com?

Kucoin.com is a Cryptocurrency exchange, started in 2017. The Kucoin Share (KCS) Coin was sold to supporters of KuCoin, giving them a Share in the profit. This coin pays 50% of all Exchange Trading Fee's as a Bonus reward to the holders of the KCS Coin. As an example, for every $100 they make KCS coin owners will get $50 to share split between all KCS Coins (100 Million Coins exist currently).

Where to Buy KCS Coins?

KCS Coins are currently available on at Kucoin,

KuCoin.com - KuCoin's Own Website

How do I get my bonus fee share?

Simply buy KuCoin Shares (KCS) and hold them for a day!

Once 24 hours has past you will be rewarded with your bonus, it is calculated at 0:00 UTC +8 (West Australia/Hong Kong Time).

On the KuCoin.com Website, click here to view your fee share bonus.

The more people trade on KuCoin.com the more fee's are made. Every time someone trades the Coin holders get 50% of those fee's, such that as trading Volume increases so does the money earned by Coin Holders.

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